Adapt With An Adaptor

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Does the US use the same electrical outlets as other countries do?

Adapt With An Adaptor

No matter how many times you ask you can never be too sure if a hotel will actually have a hair dryer. What if that's the one room with a broken one? What if it's not powerful enough? Aside from that there are plenty of other little electrical conveniences that we can't leave our homes without. However, when packing for an international trip it's important to pack smart. Take only what you need. The lighter the packing the more room you will have to bring stuff back. So if you are looking to bring any electrical items like a curling iron, hairdryer or an electrical razor make sure they are portable. Also, keep in mind that US outlets are not the same throughout the world. So chances are your hairdryer might not plug into where you are going. To help, you should probably pick up a variety of International electrical outlet adapters. Do a search engine search to find out which stores carry them.



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