Travel Documents To Take With You

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What else should I consider taking with me when I travel?

Travel Documents To Take With You

-Passport with required visas (passport should be valid for at least six months from start of trip). -Visas for entry into countries to be visited, including those which you will transit. -Health book (record of immunizations). -Airline tickets (many countries require round trip ticket for entry). -Drivers license - State (i.e. Indiana). -Drivers license - International (available from AAA). -Camera or photo permit, where required. -Fax, telex or letter stating that your visa will be available upon arrival for countries who do not issue visas outside their country. (ie UAE, Oman, etc.). -Alien registration card (green card) or valid visa for re-entry into the USA - non-US citizens. -Traveler checks (exchange for local currency as needed at a bank). -Major international credit cards (ie American Express, Diners, and VISA/MasterCard) -Airline frequent travel cards. -Telephone numbers at destinations and addresses in countries to be visited - may be needed for landing cards. -Copy of your passport (photo and vis



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