Don't Lose Site Of The Sites

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Why should you make a list of the sites you want to visit?

Don't Lose Site Of The Sites

Going overseas on a big international trip is almost like a kid walking into a giant toy store. There's so much to see the brain overloads and you don't remember what you came in there for in the first place. The last thing you want to do is fly hundreds of miles there and back without seeing what you wanted to see. The best thing you can do is make a list before you leave. It's probably easiest to organize it by countries you will be visiting. Under each one write the museums and sites you want to visit. You should also rank them by importance. That way if you don't have the time you know which ones you can ditch first. Also, make a lot of copies since something that small and paper-thin might become invisible as soon as you pack it away.



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