Remember Your Memory

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Why are memory cards helpful?

Remember Your Memory

Years ago if you were planning a big trip you were planning to bring lots of film. Which meant devoting an entire shopping bag to holding the film. Then of course as you used up a roll you would need another bag for the used film. Thankfully digital cameras have done away with that added hassle. Today, you only need to worry about packing teeny-tiny little plastic pieces know as memory cards or sticks. These memory items are used by the camera to store pictures. If you know you will be taking a long trip you might want to invest in a big card like a gig. If that is still not enough you could also purchase a memory reader. A device that you can empty the pictures into so you can free up the card for more picture taking. Another thing that will help you prepare for travel is a tote bag. Buy one that's big enough to hold your camera and extra memory cards and batteries, but not too big that it will be cumbersome to carry around to the zillion sites you want to visit.



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