Leaks Can Be A Letdown

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Why should you buy travel versions of products like shampoos?

Leaks Can Be A Letdown

Packing can also present its own pitfalls. One of which is the leak factor. If you are packing for a long trip you will try and cram as much stuff in your bag as you can. This can be bad if you are packing any stuff that can leak like shampoo or liquid soap. If the top is flimsy it could open and the shampoo could spill all over everything. An easy way around this is to buy a smaller travel version of your favorite shampoos. They usually have a screw top that can be tightly sealed for travel. If you can't find a mini version of your shampoo you can always buy an empty mini bottle. Then you can fill it with whatever you want like soap or shampoo. Remember, to buy plastic bottles instead of glass to eliminate shattering.



8/13/2006 8:07:26 AM
Bill in AL said:

I most heartily concur. Screw caps for checked items. Pop caps come open.

2/12/2009 8:09:05 AM
NF in AZO said:

A green pantsuit became partly white and a white dress became partly green in a suitcase carelessly packed for the home flight from Dallas. A leakey hairspray bottle was the cause. Now ziplock bags are my best friends!!!


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