Don't Be E-Oblivious

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How can you make sure your electronics are safe?

Don't Be E-Oblivious

For the most part it's pretty easy to tell a tourist apart from everyone else. They have that confused look. A giant map pressed against their nose. A t-shirt proudly displaying some home school or different city name. Probably one of the worst ways a tourist can stick out has to do with the bags they carry. Usually they have a very noticeable camera bag (video, film or digital). Using these bags might be convenient to hold your electronics. However it does put all of your stuff at risk. The way the bags are designed you know right away they are holding those tech toys. Which makes it super easy for some less-than-honest individual to know what they should grab first. The solution is simple -- change your bag. Use an unassuming tote bag for cameras and any other electronic equipment. Plus, don't keep stuff like memory cards in the outside pockets to prevent easy pickings from pick-pocketers.



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