Celebration In Moderation

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What type of tips should you give a teenager before they go off on an international trip?

Celebration In Moderation

Teenagers crave freedom. They want to drive by themselves. Be able to drink legally. And above all stay out as late as they want. If they are going to Europe without parental supervision they probably can get away with most of those things. Though, before they go, the one teenage travel safety tip they should understand is --moderation is the key to survival. This isn't something you are telling your kids because you are being a worrisome parent. Going all out, night and day can have a harsh effect on anyone's body – young or old. Especially if they are not used to that “rock star” way of life. Though, like any life lesson it might have to be learned on their own. The only thing you can do is offer your support. Advice. Respect them. And provide them with a phone card to call you if they get into trouble.



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