“Pre” Can Present A Problem

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Can you get travel insurance if you have a pre-existing condition?

“Pre” Can Present A Problem

In gambling terms a “sure thing” represents a “can't lose” bet. Something that has a 100% chance of coming in first or winning the game. In the insurance world a pre-existing condition could also represent a sure thing. If a person is very ill it is very likely they will need to cancel the trip and need a pay out. This is something an insurance company usually doesn't want any part of. For this reason most travel interruption insurance policies will exclude pre-existing conditions. Even though companies do not like to insure pre-existing conditions you do have options. Some companies will accept your pre-existing condition on their plans if you follow their strict guidelines. One guideline deals with when you can buy the insurance. Another is how much you can spend for the trip. Just remember to see if these guidelines work for you before you take the policy on.



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