Locating Loved Ones

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What if you had a loved one trapped in a country at war?

Locating Loved Ones

The State Department will issue warnings about a country if it is unsafe. This is done so citizens will avoid this country at all costs. Though, what if you still had loved ones in that troubled part of the world. You'd probably want to know if they were all right. If there is anyway you can help them. Again, this is where the US State Department would prove useful. On their site they list all of their US embassies and consulates throughout the world. Chances are it would be in an area near the location of your loved one. If it is an emergency (either in that country or even at home) you can use the US State Department to help you locate them. The US State Department actually handles about 20,000 of these cases a year. So you will be dealing with experts. For more information you can check out the US State Department site at travel.state.gov



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