1st Class Space Without The 1st Class Cost

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How can you get more room on a flight?

1st Class Space Without The 1st Class Cost

People in 1st class get a lot of conveniences coach people don't. Drinks when you 1st arrive on the plane. Priority boarding and leaving. Plus, most important of all -- space. Lots of room to stretch out. Though, legroom is the one thing you can also get without paying an arm and a leg. When you check in and getting your seat assignments request an Exit row. This is the one seating row that needs a lot of space because of the Emergency Exit door. Not everyone that requests this row will be eligible to receive it. The person sitting by the door will also be responsible for helping out in case of an emergency. It's because of this airlines are reluctant to assign that seat to older people. So keep this mind before you make this request.



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