Easy Air Access

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Where should you pack all of the stuff you need for the plane?

Easy Air Access

You'll probably experience a number of different feelings throughout an 8 hour flight. You're hungry. Tired. Bored. Cold. Hot. Fortunately, you can pack solutions to all of these things. However, they aren't worth squat if you can't access these items throughout the trip. So when packing for a trip divide what you're bringing into two groups. What you need for the trip & what you need on the plane. Most of the stuff for the plane (books, DVD player, mp3 player, etc.) should be placed in your carry on bag. If your carry on is too big to fit under your seat it will need to be placed in the overhead bin. If this happens make sure the stuff you will need immediately is at the top of the bag. This will greatly reduce the rummaging factor.



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