Whether Weather Will Be A Factor

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Why should you factor weather in when planning a trip?

Whether Weather Will Be A Factor

It might be hard to believe (even as you get caught in a sudden down pour the weather man swore wouldn't happen) weather is in fact a science. Maybe the day-to-day stuff is a little off. However, seasonally it's pretty much a sure thing. Though, these seasonal climate conditions are different throughout the world. Even within countries, temperatures and weather can have huge ranges. If you flew from the mountains in Colorado to the sands of Miami Beach you'd figure that out pretty quick. So before you book your trip you might want to factor in the weather. Will it be hurricane season where you're going? Are tornadoes common at this time of year? These foreign travel advisories can have a very big impact when you plan your trip. One place you can get this type of information is through the National Board of Tourism in that country. Tour & travel companies are also pretty savvy as to when a country has a high season of tourism. That's why rates vary so much throughout the year. So during a bad weather season you could take advantage of very low rates. However, you might end up at a huge disadvantage because of the weather.



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