Traveling Is Child's Play

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What should you get for a child that will be flying?

Traveling Is Child's Play

We've all heard the stories. Some of us have been unlucky enough to experience it. Being trapped on a 5 plus hour flight with a child who is way too bored. It's not a pretty picture. They complain. Cry and keeping asking when they will be on the ground. If you know you will be traveling with a child you should take this into account in your travel preparations. The best thing to do is make sure they're occupied from take off to landing. Today there are all kinds of electronic diversion toys like mini-game consoles or teeny tiny DVD players. However, keep in mind there are times when these devices need to be turned off so bring along some low tech toys like a puzzle magazine or a book. For a list of acceptable electronic devices check the website of the airline you will be flying.



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