To Wheel Or Not To Wheel

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Should you buy luggage with wheels?

To Wheel Or Not To Wheel

Luggage has gone through a lot of changes since the days of those army colored sacks or those metallic pods with handles. Baggage today comes in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. However, possibly the greatest addition to bags has been wheels. They make it much easier to lug around international terminals. Especially when you're doing that mad "transferring to a plane" dash. Though, before you go for a wheelie based bag think destination. If you are going to a major city then you will be probably dealing with a lot of smooth paved sidewalks. This is optimal for wheels. Then again, if you are going on an expedition through an uncharted rain forest & dirt roads you might want to opt for a backpack type design. Of course there are people that actually do both city and wilderness on their vacation. Fortunately, there are a number of backpack wheelie combo bags that would do the trick for that type of trek.



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