Cab Over Car

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Should you rent a car when you are on vacation?

Cab Over Car

Cars give us freedom to come and go as we please. When you own a four-wheel companion you are not chained to the public transportation schedule like some city folk. However, when traveling internationally renting a car might present problems. First, there are all kinds of fees other than just the basic rental cost. There's insurance. Taxes. Fuel. And of course parking. Then you have to deal with driving in another country, which can be a hair-raising experience in itself. Especially, if you are not used to driving on the opposite side of the road. So to save money and give yourself a little piece of mind you might want to consider the cab over a car. In most world cities it is relativity easy to hail a taxi. However, if you are in a third world nation you might want to have the hotel do it for you. Drivers associated with a hotels tend to be more reputable than ones you find on the street.



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