Travel With Others

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What are some travel and terrorism tips?

Travel With Others

-Be sure of the identity of visitors before opening the door of your hotel room. Don't meet strangers at unknown or remote locations. -Refuse unexpected packages. -Formulate a plan of action for what you will do if a bomb explodes or there is gunfire nearby. -Check for loose wires or other suspicious activity around your car. -Be sure your vehicle is in good operating condition in case you need to resort to high-speed or evasive driving. -Drive with car windows closed in crowded streets. Bombs can be thrown through open windows. -If you are ever in a situation where somebody starts shooting, drop to the floor or get down as low as possible. Don't move until you are sure the danger has passed. Do not attempt to help rescuers and do not pick up a weapon. If possible, shield yourself behind or under a solid object. If you must move, crawl on your stomach



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