Comprehend Your Coverage

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Does every Travel Insurance policy offer the same coverage?

Comprehend Your Coverage

When it comes to buying travel medical insurance plans, think about when you're buying something like a computer. The price might look great, but if you look a little closer you'll understand why. It doesn't come with everything. Peripherals, like the monitor and printer are sold separately. Plus, you need to factor in the extra internal stuff it doesn't come with -- like memory. When you look at travel medical insurance you got to make sure you look at the whole plan. What you get and more importantly what you don't get. Does it cover a ride in the ambulance? Is every member covered under the plan? What happens if you have a pre-existing condition? Does it cover all types of medicine? Luckily you're not trapped with only one option. If you find there is no way that this plan can work for you, go somewhere else.



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