Don't Fly With Fly-By-Night Insurance

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Why should you buy your insurance from a well-known company?

Don't Fly With Fly-By-Night Insurance

Not all travel insurance has to come from insurance companies. Travel insurance is offered by all sorts of companies in the travel industry -- like cruise lines or travel agencies. There are also less reputable insurance companies that offer this type of insurance. Though cheaper premiums might not be the way you want to go. A vacation usually costs a nice chunk of change. It is also not something you have the time to do all of the time. So because of these two factors, if something did happen on your trip it could be mentally and fiscally draining. Travel insurance can alleviate some of that pain by getting back your money. However, if you buy this protection from a lesser-known company there is added risk. A company that is not as financially as solid could go belly up. If that happens you will be able to collect zero, zilch, nada. So even though you might pay more you'd be better off going with the well-known insurance agency.



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