To Check Or Not To Check

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Should you check your bag?

To Check Or Not To Check

Most airlines will only allow you 44 lbs of luggage you don't have to check. Most people see this as a challenge. How much can I bring so I can still bring it on the plane. You think that if you can bring it on with you then you'll have an easier time getting out of the airport. Though what about all of the time leading up to that?
- Going through security - If there's something that beeps in your bag you have to open it all up.
- The transfers - Dragging heavy bags around might not be the best move if you are trying to move quickly through the airport to make your connecting flight.
In the end checking your bags is probably the best way to go – literally.



8/13/2006 8:06:02 AM
Bill in AL said:

Two years in a row I have had groups going into Brazil where ALL the checked luggage did not make it. This year, they arrived Saturday and the luggage finally made it Monday.

Pack enough to survive in your carryon.

2/12/2009 8:01:25 AM
NF in AZO said:

An expensive hotel in Dallas gave me a zip lock bag full of their special peach bath salts
because I loved the scent. I had it in my carry-on and caused a stir when their security xrayed and thought it was meth crystals. Never again!!!


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