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Are there medical insurance plans for student groups?

Student Travel Health Insurance

If you're a teacher or camp leader planning a trip for your students, you need to look into student travel health insurance. These travel medical insurance plans are made with student groups in mind. The best student travel health insurance plans will allow for at least 20% of the group to be adult chaperones and will offer trip-cancellation and property loss coverage as well as travel medical coverage.

Is there discount travel insurance for groups?

Insuring Your Large Group

Now count medical travel insurance discounts among the many purchases that reward you for buying in bulk. If you are planning a trip for a group of five or more people, look for a trip insurance policy that offers group plans.

Some group plans offer equal coverage for each traveler in your group, while others offer varying grades and prices of coverage based on age or other factors. Shop around until you find the best trip insurance package for your group.

Can I get insured if I'm going to a country that has a lot of terrorist activity?

Terrorism Insurance

If your business requires travel to areas that are prone to terrorism or where acts of war are common, look for a travel health insurance plan that specifies coverage for travelers to these types of areas. The best travel health insurance plans for war and terrorism zones will include coverage for all types of warfare including nuclear, chemical and biological attacks. It will also provide emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains.

What should I look for in a travel medical insurance policy?

Travel Medical Insurance

Don't buy the first travel medical insurance policy you come across. If you experience a medical emergency while on vacation, you need to be sure that your travel medical insurance covers as much of your medical expenses as possible.

When choosing a travel medical insurance policy, look for consultation fees, prescription coverage and aftercare fees. By being choosy in your insurance purchase, you'll be sure to have what you need if you experience a medical emergency while on vacation.

Do I need medical evacuation coverage?

Medical Evacuation

Make sure your international medical coverage includes medical evacuation costs. If you're seriously injured while abroad and need to be returned home quickly, it could cost you over $10,000. Most regular medical insurance plans won't pay these charges, so it's imperative that you have international medical coverage that can pay for it.

How do I stay on top of medical travel alerts?

Medical Travel Alerts

Before you choose a vacation destination, check out the U.S. Department of State travel alert Web site. You'll get all of the latest information about medical travel alerts and information about keeping yourself safe and healthy while on vacation.

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