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Will Medicare cover my travel health insurance needs?

International Travel with Medicare

Medicare only covers health care costs in the United States. If you are insured by Medicare and are planning on doing some international travel, make sure that you're fully covered with an international travel medical plan in case of emergency by purchasing international travel insurance.

The American Association of Retired Persons has information about Medicare supplement plans that can cover you during your international travel.

What is some advice on travel medical insurance?

International Travel Insurance

International travel insurance is a short term travel plan for international travelers who intend on participating in hazardous sports activities.

What should I look for when insuring my property during vacation?

Insurance Overseas for Property

If you bought trip insurance primarily to protect your new digital camera or laptop computer from loss or theft, make sure that your trip insurance overseas will reimburse you for the total cost of the item.

Also look to see if the amount you are expected to contribute towards a new camera plus the cost of the insurance doesn't add up to more than the cost of the camera itself.

Will my travel insurance policy be the same as the one in the brochure?

Double-check Your Policy

Don't assume that everything you read in the travel insurance brochure is included in your international travel insurance policy. Benefits listed in any promotional material give a general idea of coverage offered by the travel insurance company. The only way to make sure that you are covered for each specific possibility that you anticipate is to read your policy thoroughly. If anything looks amiss, talk to your travel insurance agent.

How can I plan a trip around my kids' illnesses?

Insure Your Family Travel

If you have small kids, you know that colds, the flu and even chicken pox wait until the most inconvenient time to appear. Make sure that a last minute case of the latest bug doesn't keep you from your international travel plans. Buy trip-cancellation insurance that lets you postpone your trip if one of your family members are ill.

How can I avoid paying hospital bills upfront when overseas?

Who Pays First?

When you are shopping for medical travel insurance, find out who is expected to pay the hospital upfront in case of a medical emergency during your vacation. Some medical travel insurance companies require you to pay the hospital and then apply for reimbursement afterwards. Other international travel insurance policies pay the hospital right from the start. This can save you a lot of headache during an emergency if you don't have a lot of money available.

Should I buy travel insurance through a cruise line?

Cruise Insurance

Many cruise lines offer travel insurance with their cruise packages. While cruise insurance is generally good, it won't cover you if your trip is cancelled because of cruise line bankruptcy.

Check your cruise insurance package thoroughly and look to other travel insurance companies to fill in any gaps in coverage.

How can I protect my family from expenses that may occur if I pass away on vacation?

Worldwide International Life Insurance

If you pass away while traveling overseas, your loved ones will be responsible for extra expenses involved in international medical care and transportation back home. Look into travel insurance worldwide so that can protect your loved ones from these expenses.

These international life insurance policies come in a variety of plans to cover you whether you're planning on traveling to dangerous places, doing dangerous activites or are just concerned about getting a good basic plan. Look into how long the policy will last and weather or not it will cover expenses from dismemberment as well as death.

How will my insurance policy cover my valuables?

Theft Insurance

It's always best to keep your valuables at home when you travel overseas. If you have to bring something expensive with you, insure it for the duration of your trip.

When comparing loss and theft provisions on international insurance policies, look at how your property will be compensated for. Some policies will allow you to replace a lost or stolen valuable with a new one, while others will only cover your property for its current value.

Can I get a longer term travel insurance policy?

Extended International Travel Insurance

If your international travel plans will keep you in another country for more than three months, you'll need to look for an international insurance policy that can accommodate your needs. Look specifically for a policy that extends for the amount of time you expect to be abroad.

If you are planning several short trips abroad, look for an annual plan that covers many individual trips.

Is a waiver as good as insurance in my cruise insurance package?

Cruise Insurance and Waivers

Your cruise insurance package probably includes a waiver that allows you to get a partial refund or a travel credit if you decide not to take the cruise. Although waivers are a good idea, they don't provide the full benefits of travel insurance. If you want to be covered for the cost of an emergency return ticket or for any other reason, purchase travel insurance in conjunction with your cruise waiver. The two together should fully cover you.

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