Front Desk: 1st With Answers

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Why should you check with the front desk for information?

Front Desk: 1st With Answers

Hotels are not only just a place to find a warm meal and a bed. They can also be your lifeline to local life. They can recommend restaurants. Where the good shopping is located. They are part of the local community. So it would make sense to think that they would have an idea of what was going on if something happened. So before you venture to a computer or newsstands you might want to go to the front desk. In most cases they usually have people that speak English working the desk to help the tourist/customers. Since they also speak the local language they can serve as a translator. Letting you know what they hear on the radio or tv. If the hotel you're staying at does issue a warning it's probably best to follow what they say. Depending on how severe the incident is they might be receiving instructions from the local authorities to help keep you out of harm's way.



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