Travelers Safety Hints

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What are some good safety tips travelers should follow?

Travelers Safety Hints

-Always remember that you are a guest in another's country. -Obey all laws of the country you are in - no drugs - no smuggling. -Baggage - Most airlines allow two bags (max. 70 pounds each -- some size restrictions apply) for direct travel to and from the USA. -Check bags to your final destination. -Know what you are hand carrying for someone else. -Cash - Many countries require that you declare all of the cash (sometimes traveler checks as well) which you are bringing into the country. -Count your cash before leaving in an inconspicuous location. -Keep your currency forms with you. -Never discuss financial matters in public. -Travel Documents - Check all travel documents before leaving to ensure that they are valid for the duration of your trip, including extensions. -Airline Tickets - Check your airline tickets to ensure that routing is as planned and that you know ALL of your stops. -Packing Hints - The clothing you pack should always be appropriate for the climate and activities on your itinerary. The nor



9/24/2009 6:48:27 AM
Mark said:

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