Check The Climate Before & During Your Vacation.

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Where can you find travel warnings about a certain country?

Check The Climate Before & During Your Vacation.

It's ironic that we are known as the human race, yet at times we can be anything but. World climate can change on a dime today. At one moment one country could be hiding weapons of mass destruction. While in the next instance another country has “massive upheaval” problems. For this reason before venturing to leave our country (en route to another) you should listen to what are State Department is saying about the world state of affairs. Usually, international travel warnings (issued by the U.S. Department of State) are pretty public. Open any newspaper and you'll find out where in the world these problem areas exist. However, if you are heading to a lesser known area of the world the mass media might not be able to help. In this case you should check out the U.S. Department of State's website. You will get a run down of every travel warning in every country. Also, checking out the news while you're in the foreign country isn't such a bad idea either. If it is not an “English Speaking” country there are still options. Most hotels have English international news channels. Plus, provide English daily newspapers.



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