#1 Tip For 3rd World Traveling

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What should you do if a country's water is not safe to drink?

#1 Tip For 3rd World Traveling

Unfortunately, we live in a world with an unequal playing field. Some countries are much more further along than others. As Americans, we live in a prosperous society. So much so that we might take basic necessities (like water) for granted. This however, is something that should not be overlooked when traveling to a 3rd world nation. Living conditions in these parts of the globe might be a health risk for those that are not used to that way of life. So if you do decide to go to a place like this, pack smart. A good travel safety tip would be to bring along a water purifier. Bottled water should always be your first choice. However, if this isn't possible then besides using the purifier you should also boil the water just to be safe rather than sick. Remember, to also use this clean water when washing off fruit to eat.



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