Tips for Women Traveling Alone

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What should women do if they are traveling alone?

Tips for Women Traveling Alone

U.S. Department of State Publication 10867 Bureau of Consular Affairs May 2002 There has been an increase in the number of Americans traveling abroad - especially women traveling alone either for business or pleasure. This information was prepared by the U.S. State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs to provide general information for women who plan to travel abroad alone. Each country and culture has their own views of what is appropriate behavior for women. Although you may not agree with these views, it is wise to abide by the local laws and customs to avoid problems. Please become familiar with the laws and customs of the places where you wish to go. Here are two examples of situations you may encounter: It is illegal in Laos to invite Lao nationals of the opposite sex to one's hotel room. Foreigners in Saudi Arabia have been arrested in the past for "improper dress." Women traveling alone can be more vulnerable to problems in certain cultures. Keeping in mind the following information can help make your trip as safe and rewarding as possible.



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