Sick Of Flying

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What can you do for airsickness?

Sick Of Flying

Flying and some people just don't mix. The minute that plane takes off, their airsickness gets turned on. Airsickness is a person's reaction to air pressure and movements of an airplane. Usually the most common symptoms of this affliction are nausea and even cold sweats. Today people have all kinds of air sickness drugs available to them. Some over-the-counter and some a doctor needs to prescribe. However, before you pop one of these miracle marvels you should take a couple of factors into account. - If you are pregnant you may have a bad reactions to some drugs so check with your doctor first. - Never combine airsickness drugs with alcohol or other tranquilizers. - If you are giving a child airsickness medication make sure they are getting the proper dosage. Unfortunately, even the people with the most iron of stomachs get sick in the air. So if you find you're getting the case of queasiness and didn't include medication in your travel packing checklist there are other options. Try eating dry crackers or drinking a carbonated beverage.



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