The ABCs Of ATMs

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How can an ATM help you during your travels?

The ABCs Of ATMs

The invention of ATMs has made traveling a lot easier & safer. For one thing you don't have to bring a ton of cash with you anymore. Since ATMs exist in most parts of the world you can just take out money when you get to the country. Not only will the ATM accept your cash card, but it will also give you money in their native currency. It exchanges it for you. So no more wasted time at the money exchange center. Though, as a travel precaution, before you go you might want to do some research on currency values on that specific country. This way you won't accidentally empty your life savings just to buy an ice cream cone.



8/2/2007 8:24:05 AM
Sue said:

ATM's - don't forget that the ATM machine will have a charge (usually about $5 or so) -- AND your bank will have a charge (mine = 2%). The bank charge is for the conversion. So take larger quantities out, fewer times to avoid the ATM machine charges!


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