For Art's Sake

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Can you transport paintings through customs?

For Art's Sake

Priceless art & antiques don't fly coach. Meaning, they belong in museums. Behind glass in prominent government buildings. They do not belong in your suitcase. That is a US customs “No No” or any customs for that matter. If it was legal, countries would have a hell of a time tracking art thievery. Basically, if your paperwork was official enough any Joe Schmo could transport the Mona Lisa out of sight. However, even though you can't bring these national treasures through customs that doesn't mean you can't bring in artwork. Even artwork of the expensive kind. Though, if you do decide to do this make sure you get a receipt from the gallery. It should clearly state that the painting (or whatever) was allowed to be sold. Break this US customs regulation and you could be staring at serious jail time.



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