Microscopic Menaces

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Can you bring soil through customs?

Microscopic Menaces

Imagine you're taking a tour of a rain forest in some part of the globe. The guide points out that this soil is excellent for growing. You won't find anything this good anywhere else for your rose garden. So you grab a bunch of soil and place it in a plastic bag to bring back to the states. There's no harm in that right? WRONG! Believe it or not even dirt can be a restricted item at customs. Why? Introducing foreign soil on our soil could have major repercussions. The soil could contain some foreign organism that could wreak havoc on our plant life. Which in turn could spread disease to animals and yes, us. Ok, maybe it's a bit farfetched, but the government doesn't want to leave “unknown” factors with people that don't what they're doing. The only way soil could enter this country is if it was in the hands of a professional with the proper permit.



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