Merchandise from Embargoed Countries

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What are some examples of prohibited and restricted items at customs?

Merchandise from Embargoed Countries

Generally, you may not bring in any goods from the following countries: Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran*, Iraq, Libya, Serbia, and Sudan. The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Treasury Department enforces this ban. You may, however, bring in informational materials - pamphlets, books, tapes, films or recordings - from these countries, except for Iraq. If you want to import merchandise from any of these countries, you will first need a specific license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control. Such licenses are rarely granted. There are restrictions on travel to these countries. The restrictions are strictly enforced, so if you're thinking about going to any of the countries on this list, write to the Office of Foreign Assets Control, Department of the Treasury, Washington, DC 20220, before you make your plans. *The embargo on Iranian goods is being revised to allow the importation of carpets and foods for human consumption such as caviar and pistachios. Please check with your local port to find out when the new regulations are scheduled to take effect. Until the new regulations are published, the complete embargo is still in force.



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